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Journal: Tishrei 10 Days of Teshuva


Support Your Journey Through These Days of Awe From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur and activate the deepest kabbalah with real life shifts through the power of this special Journal

This Journal is to support you in making the most of the Journey in to the New Year Through the Portals of Rosh Hashanah to the Imprinting of Yom Kippur. This Journal is to enable the processing and repatterning shifts to be in your hands and to become a survival guide to support you for the year ahead. As we recieve these energies fresh through the beginning of the year we have access to the highest wisdom in them and also how to remedy their deepest depths as we move through the seperation of the the kliphot from the supernal feminine.

Take your time and meditate with these pages and create your own medicine and healing


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