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Living Healed Combines And Unites Ancient & Modern Wisdom. Thats Why It’s Truly Effective In Healing The Mind, Body, Soul & Energy Fields. We Reveal The Spiritual Sciences Of The East, West, Tribal Wisdom & How They Originate in Kabbalah. We Integrate Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry & Energy Therapy With The Purity & Healing Truth of Torah & Bring To Life Pure Frequency Healing.

Sara Halevi / Indigo,
Founder of Living Healed.


Experience Instant Balance & Vitality. The Power of Bioresonance Pure Tone Frequencies Activate the Exact Electromagnetic Wave To Give Instant Relief, Clearing & Activation. Start By Balancing The Energy Centers & Channels to Bring Vitality Back To The Body & Soul. The More Cleared We Become The More These Sounds Feel Harmonic. Next We Begin To Isolate Stuck Negative Energies or Problem Clusters As We Move On To Stimulate The Bodies Main Tissue’s & Organs. Whilst We Commit Onwards With Our Healing Journey We Balance The Mind & Release Trauma Working Closely To Remove All Disease & Illness In The Body. We Have Frequencies for Every Virus, Parasite, Bacteria and Disease and Work With You To Bring Yourself Back In To Harmony, Joy, Good Health & Reconnect With Your Authentic Soul Self. All Dis-Ease is Dis-Harmony & Dis-Connection. Begin On Your Journey To Becoming Whole Again, We Will Support You With However Deep You Are Prepared To Go.

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Play Our Bioresonance Frequencies & experience the shift

Simply Play These Tones & Open Yourself Up To Feeling & Observing The Difference. These Frequencies Work Instantly. Use As Often As You Like & Make Them Part Of Your Daily Rituals. This Technology Is Focused On Imprinting The Energy Waves In To Your Energy Field & Vibrating In To Your Physical Body.

Awaken & activate

Awaken, Activate & Abundant (12) Pure Tones Sample


Solfeggio All Frequencies (9) Pure Tones Sample


Energy Center Clear Frequencies (6) Pure Tones Sample

heartspace open

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Balance meridians

Meridians Frequencies (14) Pure Tones Sample

breathe FREE

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Try These Incredible Healing Tools That Combine Energy Medicine & Energy Therapy. Each Program is 10 minutes of Pure Frequency Tones, Electromagnetic Carrier Wave & Energy Therapy Attuned Sound Treatments. These Have Been Coded To Eliminate The Issue & Its Spiritual Cause. Our Clients Love These. Use The Virus Eliminator Anytime You May Be Getting Ill & Stop It Before It Starts. Make The Depression & Anxiety Remover part Of Your Daily Ritual And You Will Feel Happier, More Activated & Well Balanced.