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About Frequency Healing

Frequency Healing Has Arrived.

Welcome, beautiful soul. I’m honored to introduce you to a transformative path that promises healing, growth, and empowerment like never before. I’m Sara HaLevi, also known as Indigo. I’ve always been dedicated to the Ascension transition of our world in to the positive paradigm. Part of that shift is ALL OF US moving to a place of Living Healed so we can focus on our true missions here in this life. As a seasoned healer and compassionate guide, and I’m here to lead you on an extraordinary journey towards a life of joy, purpose, and self-discovery through a new paradigm of instant healing.

Living Healed as been a lifetime in the making. I’ve always had a sense that something is true not right with the paradigm of the world I was living in. I grew up watching sadness illness and suffering and made a silent inner vow that i would dedicate this life to changing it so nobody would have to live like this ever again. It took me 40 years on this planet this time around to discover the true answer of how to activate instant healing and i want to share it with you, and the world. Living Healed & frequency healing is a way of life, a mindset and the biggest scientific evolution of health our race has every seen in our known history.

Frequency Healing Will Change Your Life.

Are you ready to step into a life of radiant transformation? Imagine breaking free from the chains of past wounds, embracing your authenticity, and finally radiating the kind of positive energy that draws in the life you deserve. I’m not just your guide; I’m your fellow traveler on this healing journey. My own path of overcoming trauma, reclaiming power, and embracing wholeness has led me to put together this program because it is essential for every single person to be educated, activated & healed on the planet. With 25 years of experience as a dedicated healer, neuroscientist, behavioural economist & quantum researcher and the last 5 years deep in the secret enclave of the Kabbalist traditions in the heart of the Old City Jerusalem; I’ve gathered insights, techniques, and wisdom that emanates the unity from source to create a program that is profoundly effective. Are you tired of carrying the weight of past trauma and limiting beliefs? Do you yearn to break free from the cycle of pain and take control of your own healing journey? Living Healed is the solution you’ve been seeking.


Your moment is now. The time for healing is not in the distant future—it’s this very instant. ‘Living Healed’ is your invitation to embrace the life you deserve, to release the past, and to ignite a future filled with joy, purpose, and abundance. Don’t wait any longer to step into your radiant transformation. You don’t even have to believe it to start, you can just start and feel it work – it’s that powerful, it works on you at all levels. Frequency heals the physical and spiritual all at the same time. I started off activating frequencies through kabbalistic meditation and healing. It is known from our deep mystic tradition that what you activate on the highest templates will then activate on the dimensions below it, until finally it activates in the physical. This is how living healed has come to be, the gift of activating frequency has arrived as a result of our deep work of transformation and now we have arrived, the future has become the present and this medicine is here for all.

Experience the instant effect of Frequency Healing with me.

Indigo x

Real Stories, Real Results


“This lady is a superhuman, you found the right person! Indeed one of the few energy workers that deliver next level healing. I’m so impressed & so so thankful for this, thank you!”

Aleti, Germany

“WOW! Stuff turned around pretty fast too! The trauma & disturbance removals were so powerful and instant. My husband transformed over night”

Natalie, Sydney Australia

“She is one of the few real energy therapists. I ordered a few sessions. Before the session, I didn’t know where to begin looking for answers. I didn’t even know who I was or where to turn. After her one session, the fog suddenly lifted. Her work opened me up and invigorated me both emotionally and mentally. I am able to think clearly, behave positively, and the feeling stays with me. I am so glad that I chose her because none of these changes would have happened if I hadn’t.”

Histami, Arizona, USA

In just 3 months of sessions; I went from single & almost giving up to meeting the man of my dreams”

Malka, Israel


“I was single, almost 40, i was about to give up and was thinking about ways to start my family on my own. After just 1 session with Indigo my life changed, within weeks i met my soulmate and now we are living our happy ever after. “

Claudia, London

“I woke up and my back pain of 20 years was gone! I could feel whatever was attacking me had just disappeared. I haven’t been able to move in years and now i have so much energy to live again.”

Client, Israel