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    Living Healed is located in Israel, Jerusalem & Was Founded in 2023 by Sara Mazal Halevi. The Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel on October 7th was the catalyst that paved the way for Living Healed Manifesting In To Reality. Everyone has their role to play in our paradigm shift to a better world. Our front line is raising consciousness and health to activate a reality of Living Healed. Having Spent the last half a decade Praying & Learning the deepest secrets of creation and kabbalah in the inner circles of the Old City Jerusalem it is now time to activate this wisdom in to each of our lives in a practical way so we can all be Living Healed.

    ” I have had the honour to already live many lifetimes in this life journeying through academia, industry, cultures & mystical practices seeking the truth and how it is all one. I have always been a healer, it was passed down to me from my father as practical energy practitioner and from my mother as a committed nurturer as a holistic way of life. My abilities and senses have always been evolving and growing as i have always chosen to explore & embrace the truth of our multidimensional nature. This knowing has been fundamental to me in all i have ever mastered, researched & explored.

    Academically I am a Neuroscientist & Behavioural Economist with a 1st Class Honours BA degree from Durham University & Researcher at Oxford University Neuroscience Dept. In industry i worked across sectors advising firms on customer behaviour strategy. I invented Strategic Neuromarketing in 2010 and was part of the first wave of Neuro integration in to the business world.

    I left the western world behind me when i chose not to sell my neuro research to deep state. I realised the public sector had a long way to go until it would admit their accepted worldview on how the body works doesn’t match up to the research findings. Research across disciplines was clear – we are multdimensional. We have bio electromagentic functions, energy shields, light language in every cell and consciousness is received in to the brain. The brain itself is receiver, transmitter, amplifier, pattern identifier and command centre. The brain and body change according to the frequency, thoughts, experiences, attitudes and environment of the person. The physical is the last step in long chain of events that distill light level templates in to the animate physical vessel. By activating through, energy, light, frequency, biomagnetism & releasing distorted and trapped energy such as trauma and emotion full healing is possible. The body and brain respond to holistic health, we are the voyagers bringing this in to unity.

    Today i bring in to a holistic approach Frequency, Biomagnetism, Energy Therapy & Kabbalah through the wisdom of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience & Music. This is a holistic approach to Living Healed. “


    Aleti, Germany

    “This lady is a superhuman, you found the right person! Indeed one of the few energy workers that deliver next level healing. I’m so impressed & so so thankful for this, thank you!”

    Rikki Rose

    “Right after you finished, i got news that something i have been very stressed about was resolved for my benefit and that i don’t need to worry about it. Thank You!”

    Chana Vered

    Since starting working with Sara Halevi i have enjoyed various upgrades and healing in my life and relationships. Her Intuitive guidance has brought clarity, confidence, insight and guidance in to some of the most important relationships in my life. Her remote healings have gifted me a felt sense of alignments. I feel so blessed and grateful to be connected to her.

    Histami, Arizona, USA

    “She is one of the few real energy therapists. I ordered a few sessions. Before the session, I didn’t know where to begin looking for answers. I didn’t even know who I was or where to turn. After her one session, the fog suddenly lifted. Her work opened me up and invigorated me both emotionally and mentally. I am able to think clearly, behave positively, and the feeling stays with me. I am so glad that I chose her because none of these changes would have happened if I hadn’t.”

    Abi Higgs

    Indigo is a very gifted healing practitioner. i have learned so much from her torah lessons on how to heal trauma and she has kindly blessed this group with healing frequencies daily. They have helped me shift so much and given me much relief for my depression, anxiety and health issues, I high recommend anyone to have a private session with her as she will be able to give you a personal scan and give you the right frequencies to heal any health issues, trauma related issues and also discover hidden misalignments not known to oneself. Although this is a new system of healing we must remember that everything is energy and vibrating at a certain frequency and when we match those frequencies we are able to let go and release”

    Shalhevet, US

    “Sara Halevi is an amazing gifted, intuitive, and natural healer, This is really the first time in 15 years that my body and mind feel really healed and great! I’ve been struggling with a peptic ulcer which no one has been able to heal me. I have tried all sorts of Ayurvedic supplements and lifestyle changes with much hope and commitment only to find that they didnt heal me completely. She was able to heal me completely. She was able to help heal me in a very deep soul level, which is exactly what i needed. Her meditation, coaching, and remote healing have been a true game changer in my life. I like others feel very blessed to be connected to her – Thank You Sara Halevi.. Thank You Hashem”

    Miriam Baila

    “I am noticing lots of armor continuing to crumble and revealing the soft earnestness underneath, while is was previously too petrified to expose”