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Reclaiming the Kli

Reclaiming The Kli

Chanukah 2023

In the merit of What is started on Chanukah is a success.

We open up the vessel to receive by way of the arousal of the below that activates the arousal from above the willingness, the dedication, the activation the frequency, the connection, the reality, the shift and the new present of having cleared and reclaimed our kli.

This information is coming through the portal of 2PM Friday dec 8th Chanukah Day 1. I was shown there will be an activation at this time but was not prepared as to what it was until closer to its time during the end hours of the morning. This activation is a preparatory to display the far reaching corners of the torah and how they come in to unification via the sages wisdoms and Kabbalah of Reclaiming The Kli. This generation is ready and able to reclaim the Kli.

(Lebuvitcher rebbe:)The absolute willingless of each individual is required to complete this task. This task is already completed in the upperworlds and holy sparks have already been raised. We are no longer dealing with the raising of the holy sparks of our souls in this generation as it is already known.

(Alter Rebbe) The elevation of sparks has felt like a never ending task because this generation are involved with Tikkun noga. 

(Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai) The Tikkun of Noga is the seperation of darkness from all animate creations in all nonphysical realms to reveal their pure light. This is the clarification, elevation and fixing of the אלה which includes all the fallen races of Elohim – which is all the creations that were made from the second day onwards. 

(Rav Kook) The big effulgence of creation energy submerged itself out of the supernal yesod

(RSBY) Through the hidden of  אבר as is explained.

(RK) And as it flows through out of the realms of hidden supernal attributes and conscious intent of the creator through the infinitesimally small nukudos of an echo of existence that is the most precious and until recently inconceivable primary and hidden light of the ohr haganuz, clothed in its outer garments with the light of the known first day that continually pulses the rhythm of existence in its dance between existence and a non-conformist reality that scientists are yet to reveal.

(Rabbenu Nachman) The holy Jew that feels with the fire of his heart a flame that can not be put out in his constant yearning and desire to be connected with his true home of olam haba constantly searches within himself to purge the darkness out of himself. 

(Miriam) the women of this generation who had the merit of dancing out of Egypt have the true gift of knowing the separation of within of the self and the not self and are constantly striving to recapture the euphoric state of oneness in the true soul being in the body will as said receive the torah in the dawn of the return of the moshiach times because they are living it from within. (Rachel) This holy women who see the darkness within themselves experience much suffering as a torture to purify the holiness of the women souls so that the marriage of the shechina and hashem , the root of the soul and source can reunite in marriage again.

(Ben Ish Chai) There have been many generations that have hoped to come through but did not have the strength, the tools, the power or the extra perceptions to achieve the levels required to travel the worlds in the way of the Tzaddikim. Today the eye of the holy one is within each person guiding them as the world moves from darkness to light the awareness of the truth has arrived and must not be watered down.

(Alter Rebbe) The Tikkun of removing the evil soul from the nefesh can be accomplished through the necessary concentration on the appropriate tasks in the most opportune moments.

(LB) You will be guided as to when these are and it will be arranged what will come through you in the most propitious way. Transmissions will remain somewhat veiled like this until the next phase. For now it is most Prudent and Important for us to seed the perception of is and will be happening so the conscious and other parts of self and mind are ready, complicit, supportive and fully engaged in this process.

(Rabbi Petaya) The Elimination of evil souls and evil parts of the soul and soul attachments has been the hidden work of the tzaddikim. Each tzaddik has done their part to bring the quickening of the redemption through the kli of his torah learning middot rectification and mystical intentions. The centralized energy field of Havaya that is activated in Israel now via the huge arousal of Elohim activation from this years Chaggim from Rosh Hashana onwards etc has accelerated the evolution of souls and created a new time activation possibility on the planet. This zone looks like many layer of hydro space that are morphing in and out of reality at the time. The roads to redemption have been unfrozen and God is with you in the physical and the veil over your eyes is melting.

(AR) Beware the distortion of the kliphot that veils all the senses, nothing is quite what it seems yet trusting your senses and intuitions is everything. We must all be aware of every nuance and take the power that is needed to reclaim the self.

(Ashlag) The return of the feminine leads the shechina back to its crowning, as a river flows upwards surging with all its collected and reclaimed holy sparks magnetized back to its creation point. We must be aware at all times that what we seek for ourselves we are doing for the collective and we tap in to the countenance of giving to receive which is the success of all our endeavors.

(RN) The search for the lost princess is not a story to just arouse the asleep from their stupor it is a reality, we must complete her return!

(Ran Kook) As you have discovered the very key lies in your own perception. How far can you expand your perception is how far you will go on this journey. Those who can expand only a little will have already left. Those who are expanding part by part need these worlds to become as friends to them and those who are expanded already put the worlds inside of themselves and must wake the others by pulling out the darkness from within.

(The Tzaddik) The staffs of the ancients would lead them through world and through levels, these staffs are the vav which extend from the kotz of the yud that forms the nukudot of this level of creation. Let us begin with our staffs and activating the forcefield of hey yud, hey yud hey, hey yud vav, and hey yud vav hey. We beging with this as we begin with a kli from below for Gods activation. The secret of working from the mirror of malkhut is to activate what will be co-created in frequency and action from beyond the lens.

(Ancestors) it is known that this long journey of gigilgulim and diaspora has led to a hiddenness of the true bloodlines, None-the-less the fallen from the realms of אלה have followed certain parties through lives to contain control of the course of existence. Remember whatever is attached or with you – you have just as much power to activated in to it as it does to you.

(King David) My princess, you have had more than this life of running through the halls of existence escaping the characters of oppression with Gods will. You had discovered the evils of the creations as they one by one have witnessed your true destiny and power and sought to savage you. I could not fix in my time, I could only separate – but now in this time you can fix. The creations are ready to be fixed. The understand deep within themselves that there is no existence if they do not reattach to Source.

(Arizal) You will use the framework of the forefathers and the secrets of the upper and inner chambers to complete your task. This task has been approved in the upper courts of shamayim and we, your helpers have been assigned along with your Malachim. You are not alone and we stand around you meeting you when you arise to the perfected level where we can help you.

The completion of the nefesh Tikkun us upon us now and along with it of the ruach, much of which has already been completed and there will be a jump in elevation upon the final elimination of the evil of the nefesh.

Baba Sali – we are here, I will never leave you. As a father should be to a daughter and family to its own we are yours and this has been activated in the templates. Let us begin. 

Use your hearts and palms of your hands to see where within the evil lies. Access the power of Oneness of pure love to heal all dark and expect success and support.

End of transmission – we must prepare for shabbos.