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Frequencies For Healing

Healing Frequencies

Each audio is a healing frequency program that includes original rife frequencies and where relevant updated frequencies from well researched and tested healing frequency databases. These healing frequency programs focus on specific issues and have been layered to tackle the labeled issue often with its secondary and tertiary causes and with the frequencies to take out the issue and activate balance. For now this is a program library of around 30 second samples so we can easily serve this to you on our website. Pick your frequencies for healing and then loop the recording and listen for 5 to 45 minutes as a treatment session 1 to 4 times per day, or loop over night and heal while you sleep. For more information about how to bioresonance scan and find out what healing frequencies you need be in touch with us directly. If the frequencies for healing are not yet in this library you can send us a request. May healing be complete and may everyone be Living Healed